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Edge, Adam talk Songs Of Experience in new Q magazine

Interview mentions US election but has no mention of Joshua Tree tour

March 2017 - Q magazine U2 article (1)

Adam and The Edge talk at length about U2's progress on Songs Of Experience in the March 2017 issue of Q magazine that just hit newsstands. It's the magazine's 2017 preview issue with The xx on the cover.

It's not clear when Q did the interviews with Adam and Edge. Both were on hand for the Q Awards on November 2, but the interview makes specific mentions about "shifting sands" and the US election. That happened on November 8, suggesting the interview happened sometime after that date. What's also odd is that the article makes no mention of plans for The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, suggesting that perhaps this tour really is a last-minute idea that just started coming together. (In his Q&A with U2.com last week, Bono describes the tour as "a recent idea.")

Anyway, though the article may be somewhat outdated by now, there are a couple interesting quotes. Whenever the interviews happened, U2 was working on whittling down about 18 songs to the 10-12 that will be on Songs Of Experience. "The ordeal is getting all four members to agree on the same dozen songs," Edge tells Q. Adam goes on to say that the band had changed its mind about a spring release and would "probably hold [the album] back until later in the year."

Both Adam and Edge talk about the band rethinking its plans after the US election and other changes happening around the world (Q mentions Brexit). That's where Adam refers to "shifting sands" and admits, "perhaps the US election has created some uncertainty." When asked if those events were like a "Bat Signal" to respond via music, Edge says this:

"I don't know if we feel a responsibility so much. Just that there are these moments where you just feel like, 'Wow, someone's got to write a great song about this and hopefully it will be us, so let's have a go.'"

The article also mentions four new songs -- "Civilization," "The Little Things That Give You Away," "Instrument Flying" and "Much More Better" -- all of which are already listed on our New Album tracker page.

March 2017 - Q magazine U2 article (2)