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There is no such thing as anything in the music business at its purest form. It's all cursed by commerce, and you can't get away from it. -- Larry

Edge & Adam: Best. Party Crashers. Ever.


This happened Wednesday night at our 20th anniversary party in New York City:


That's Adam and The Edge performing on the Cutting Room stage with Unforgettable Fire, the tribute band who was our special guest for the evening. It was a complete surprise to all of us with @U2, a complete surprise to Unforgettable Fire and a complete surprise to the Cutting Room, too.

And it was the best surprise ever in the history of surprises. (Sorry for the lack of unbiased journalism there.)

They played "Where The Streets Have No Name" and then "Out Of Control." I don't remember much of the second song because I was pretty much numb from head to toe by then, totally blown away that half the band would show up at a party for a U2 fansite. What an honor for all of us -- the @U2 crew, plus all of you that read our website, follow us online, etc.

We all picked the right band.

There's so much to be said, and so many thank yous to be shared, and I'll try to cover that in my OTR column this weekend. Until then, enjoy this video of the entire surprise -- from the time Dallas Schoo comes on stage as if he's the special guest, to the end of Edge/Adam's two songs.