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Dublin Gets First Look at Killing Bono


A snippet of Killing Bono was unveiled during a panel discussion Sunday afternoon at The Music Show 2010 in Dublin. The film is based on Daily Telegraph rock columnist Neil McCormick's memoir I Was Bono's Doppelganger.

Hot Press journalist Olaf Tyaransen led the Killing Bono panel featuring Nick Hamm, the movie's award-winning director; Joe Echo, lead composer of the Killing Bono soundtrack; and Neil McCormick.

The film zeroes in on Neil's decade-long journey as a wannabe rock star coinciding with U2's rise to rock 'n' roll royalty from the late 1970s to the worldwide success of The Joshua Tree in 1987. There is even a scene of the infamous U2 audition in Larry Mullen's kitchen.

The clip shown during the panel was a 3 ½-minute montage set to a high-energy track composed by Echo and performed in the movie by McCormick's band Shook Up.  

Echo composed six original songs that are reflective of the late 1970s and early 1980s sound in which they would have been written. With McCormick's help, Echo also pieced together remnants of the unreleased U2 song "Street Mission" to create a new version for the movie.

U2 fans should be warned though, as Hamm pointed out, that Killing Bono "is not a U2 project." He did mention that both The Edge and Paul McGuinness were incredibly supportive throughout the process when consultation was needed. 

The film is more about the journey of "not making it," a notion Hamm believes will have universal appeal. U2 are simply a counterpoint to someone else's failure. McCormick joked, "I'm going to be immortalized now as a loser."

An American release date for Killing Bono is unknown at the moment, but it's due to hit Ireland and the U.K. on April 1. Fans can follow movie updates and watch behind-the-scenes footage on The Official Killing Bono Blog.

The movie soundtrack for Killing Bono will be released in the spring by Sony.      

Michele O'Brien has been a U2 fan since 1986 and her passion for the band took her all the way to Dublin in 2005 to see the Vertigo tour. She fell in love with the City and one of its Irishman and relocated to Dublin from New York in 2007. Although she has a BA in Journalism from NYU under her belt, she sought a career in advertising and instead writes on the side.

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