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As a soloist, I'm average at best. But with the band? There's nothing better, I promise you.-- Bono, 2004

Confirmed: U2 Will Feature a New Song During a Super Bowl Commercial


U2 has spent much of this week in Santa Monica shooting video footage that will be used in a Super Bowl commercial and feature a new song from U2's upcoming album. We also think it's likely that the footage will be used in a longer feature online -- possibly at U2.com.

After reporting earlier today that several people had tweeted about their involvement in the video shoot, we've since learned more about the band's activities this week from reliable sources.

As the tweets in our earlier article showed, U2's video shoot involved the band performing live ("it was like a concert," one actor tweeted; "paid to go to a U2 concert" said another) while video cameras rolled. We've learned that they performed at least one new song, though we don't know the title. We've also learned that the video shoot continued late Friday, but rather than performing, it involved band interviews with an audience in the room.

The original reports about this Super Bowl commercial mentioned some kind of brand partnership, but we haven't heard anything new about that in relation to this week's commercial shoot.

Meanwhile, commercial and satellite radio stations also started reporting today that U2 will premiere a new song in a Super Bowl ad. On Sirius radio, it was reported that the commercial will include an announcement of the release date of U2's new album.

That's what we know tonight. Piecing it all together, our guess is that the Super Bowl ad will feature some of the new U2 song -- since TV commercials rarely run more than 30 or 60 seconds -- and then invite viewers to see the full performance and interview clips online. It makes sense that this would happen at U2.com, but the online portion could be where the brand partnership comes into play (i.e., Google, Apple, Amazon or even Netflix).

As always, more to come as we hear it.

UPDATE: Via @U2_Israel on Twitter we learn of this audio that claims to be recorded outside U2's video shoot in Santa Monica. It's exceptionally hard to hear, but after putting in headphones and cranking the volume as high as possible, it does sound legit.

UPDATE #2: The first video has been made private by its owner. Meanwhile, the folks at U2br.com have a set of videos on YouTube with similarly muffled audio.

UPDATE #3: Another fan has re-uploaded the original audio.