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I find that I'm talking to less people but writing more songs. -- Bono, 1989

Column: off the Record..., vol. 9-416



off the record, from @U2

After a few quiet weeks, there is finally some good stuff to talk about on the U2 front. Paul McGuinness reported that Bono is recovering well and should be fit in time for the opening of the second European leg of the tour on Aug. 6. The other band members are at work and "planning to do some recording." I hope it doesn't just stay a plan and that they'll really follow through on the recording part. Heck, maybe they'll even find it easier to concentrate without Bono running around in the studio!


This weekend is Glastonbury weekend and, of course, U2 was sorely missed. On Friday, Gorillaz headlined in U2's stead but didn't exactly impress the audience. A surprise set by two members of Radiohead proved to be more appealing. 

Luckily, there was still a bit of U2 to be enjoyed at the festival. On Saturday, Muse was the headline act, and Edge joined the band on stage for a very powerful and energetic performance of "Where the Streets Have No Name." It was quite near the end of the set, but watching Muse live while waiting isn't a bad thing at all. Here's a cute video of Edge explaining how the performance came about.

Note to Bono: If you need more piano lessons, please go to Matt Bellamy. That guy is amazing on piano.


This week it was announced that Bono and The Edge have been invited to become members of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It's good to have their efforts recognized, since they've done so much for film music. If they do become members, they'll have voting rights and will be expected to participate in selecting nominees for their particular branch of the Academy Awards, which would be composers and songwriters. Voting rights extend to practically all categories of the Oscars. It would be interesting to see what they would vote for. I'm sure Bono's picks for composers/songwriters nominees would include some interesting choices. Other big names already in the music branch are Danny Elfman, Elton John and Bruce Springsteen.  

Of course, music especially written for movies isn't the only connection U2 have to film music. For some good (and perhaps less obvious) uses of U2 music in movies, have a look at Tassoula's U2 Lists piece for this month.


Australian fans must be thrilled to see the rumors about U2 paying a visit to Australia in December. Of course, it's still a rumor at this stage, but it's at least a bit of light on the horizon. U2 hasn't been Down Under for a long time so it would definitely be a good thing if it turns out to be true.


Even though I have a lot of respect for Archbishop Desmond Tutu, I disagree with his enthusiasm about the vuvuzelas, South Africa's national support instrument for the FIFA World Cup. Despite many complaints from home viewers and players alike, he defended the use of the vuvuzelas because they're part of African culture. Well, I'm among the people who get annoyed at the constant humdrum, which sounds like a swarm of bees about to attack. So for anyone else tired of the horns, here's an entertaining video (thanks to fellow staffer Joe for the tip). 

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