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Our first experiences with live bands were bands that had a political awareness, and it always felt natural for us to include it. -- Edge

Column: off the record..., vol. 9-415


off the record, from @U2

Happy Father's Day to all the dads who are reading this and celebrating today. Hope your weekend was as relaxing and enjoyable as mine. Go see Toy Story 3 if you haven't already. Might be the best movie ever.

All is quiet on the tour news front, unless you happen to be the president of the company that helps fly U2 all around North America in the 360 jet. His name is Chris Healy, and he did this interview (below) last week with AnnArbor.com about the company's services and work with U2. While you ooh and ahh at the shots inside the band's jet, pay close attention to what he says at about the 1:10 mark:

No, not the Bow-know reference ... the part after that when he says, "we'd expect to fly it ... in the spring, when the North American tour has been rescheduled."

So, I learned in elementary school that "has been" is the past tense meaning something has already happened -- as in, the tour has already been rescheduled. But why haven't we heard anything? If U2/Live Nation is holding off on re-announcing new tour dates for some reason, it makes sense that this guy would know at least the general time frame because Live Nation would've wanted his company to keep a range of dates clear to fly U2 around the country. He may not know exact dates yet, but I don't doubt he knows the general timeframe.

There was also this report in The Sun last week, which said new dates "will be announced this week." They got that wrong, but if you put both things together, is it unreasonable to think there might be an announcement soon? I sure hope not. I'm ready to see what the plan is. And I'm ready to see some more shows (says the guy who thought he'd be standing inside Qwest Field tonight instead of writing OTR).

Speaking of the tour postponement, I found an email that Beth M. sent a month ago when it happened. Apparently, one of the Boston TV stations used this teaser during the evening news:

"Coming up.... Bono has back surgery! How it will affect your summer plans."

And remember, that's a city that didn't even have a concert scheduled this summer. Only in Boston. :-)

Here's a U2-related release that seems to have escaped a lot of people's attention: The Official Inaugural Celebration, by HBO Films. Based on the description, it seems to have U2's entire, two-song performance at the Lincoln Memorial from January 18, 2009.

Dear Bono,

The meeting you describe at the end of this New York Times column would've actually happened in November, 1982, not 1983. Not trying to be a jerk or anything; it's just kinda sorta my job to know something like that.


If you're a collector, don't miss Xavi Balart's blog called U2 Itinerary Books. These are the books that the band puts together for each tour to make sure that everyone knows where and when they're supposed to be in a certain location. They're very detailed and, if you're a nutter like me (and Xavi), probably very fascinating to read. Xavi says on the blog that he's not trying to sell any of the itinerary books he has, just trying to share information.

And finally, for the photography lovers out there ... 33 gorgeous sunrise photos.


See you soon!

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