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"There are still some wild, unorthodox, unpredictable, furry animals to go in this zoo."

-- Edge, on the Zoo TV tour, 1993

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Column: off the record..., vol. 13-574

@U2, July 07, 2013
By: Matt McGee


off the record, from @U2

Here's something rare, discovered via our forum: An independent Italian magazine called "Inutile" (Useless) has had a friend living in Dublin for the past six months, and this friend recently struck up a friendship (in church) with Garvin Evans ... AKA Edge's dad. And Mr. Evans was kind enough to answer a few questions for the magazine. You can read the interview online; scroll down for the English translation.

Not at all "useless" if you ask me. :-)

(Thx to Jen for sharing this in our forum.)

Speaking of our forum, we recently made a major improvement that you'd probably never notice just by going to

We configured it for the popular mobile forum app, Tapatalk. This is important because every month, more and more of you visit our website and our forum on mobile devices -- smartphones, tablets, etc. And if you ever tried to use the forum via your regular mobile web browser, the experience probably made you want to kick someone's puppy. It. Wasn't. Great.

But Tapatalk. Is. Great.

With Tapatalk, you get full access to the forum, your private messages, push notifications, unread messages, and much more. You can upload photos via Tapatalk, too -- something that's not available directly via the main forum. (That's because Tapatalk hosts the images that you upload, not us.) Have a look at some screenshots I made this afternoon on my iPhone:




There are actually two Tapatalk apps -- a free version and a paid version. I think the free version inserts ads into discussion threads (and also has several paid upgrades, like color schemes and such). I'm using Tapatalk 2 on my iPhone, which cost a couple bucks and is great. I haven't tested the Android version much, but it has excellent reviews.

One other benefit of Tapatalk is that it's not just for accessing the @U2 forum. There are hundreds of forums (like Muse's, I think) that can be accessed in the app, and you don't have to pay extra to use them -- just one download and you can use any forum that supports the Tapatalk software.

Whether you're on an iPhone, Android phone/tablet, or an iPad, do a search for "tapatalk" and check it out. Forum activity always grows as U2 albums and tours approach, so this should make it easier for our readers to enjoy our forum when you're away from a desktop computer.

One important note: @U2 doesn't make any money from using Tapatalk. If you get the paid version, you're paying Tapatalk, not us. Their business model is to make it free for forum owners like us to have a mobile-friendly forum experience, and then charge users who want to access hundreds of forums this way. Like I said, I love the paid iPhone app and think it's worth every penny I spent (something like $4-$5, as I recall).

Hopefully there'll be some legitimate album news to talk about by the next time I write OTR. The band has wrapped up its work in New York City with Danger Mouse and is now scattered across the globe enjoying summer vacations. Bono has been spotted a few times in the south of France with Ali and Larry, not to mention the likes of Chris Martin and Jimmy Iovine. Edge has been spotted in Los Angeles. I'm guessing Adam might be in Brazil with his girlfriend/fiancée ... maybe preparing for a wedding?

And finally ... remember Sterling Magee and Adam Gussow, the Harlem street performers in Rattle And Hum? They're both on Facebook (Sterling / Adam) and just played a gig together Friday night in Florida. How cool is that?!? :-)

Until next time....

(c) @U2, 2013.

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