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"You know what a singer is? Someone with a hole in his heart as big as his ego." — Bono

Column: off the record..., vol. 13-561


off the record, from @U2

There are few things in life that I enjoy more than getting together with the @U2 crew. In a couple weeks, about a dozen of us will be together in Cleveland for the U2 Conference, but I'm enjoying a little preview this weekend because Tassoula is visiting Casa McGee!

But it's not for anything U2-related. She and my wife are good friends that both love the TV show Mad Men, so they're enjoying their fourth annual Mad Men premiere party together. If history is any indicator, there'll be a lot of gasping when Don Draper is on screen.

Speaking of the U2 Conference, did you catch the latest announcements this past week?

Bill Carter, director of the Miss Sarajevo documentary and the man who made the Zoo TV satellite linkups possible from inside Sarajevo 20 years ago this summer, is going to keynote on Friday (April 26th) at 4:00 pm. His talk is titled "Transcending Borders: The Power of U2."

Also just added:

  • U2 1978-1981 Photo Exhibit featuring the photos of Patrick Brocklebank. This is the exhibit that ran for several months last year in Dublin, and will be on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum during and after the U2 Conference.

  • U2 3D screening for conference attendees only. Trust me, you haven't seen U2 3D until you've seen it at the Foster Theater inside the Rock Hall. I saw it in 2009 there, and it's by far the best theater sound experience I've ever heard. This is going to happen Friday evening after Bill Carter's keynote talk.

As always, visit U2Conference.com for all the latest information. And yes, still time to register. Gonna be a great weekend and it's just a couple weeks away.

It was fun for a bit last week to wonder if that audio clip was an actual demo from U2's new album or just part of a soundcheck jam session. We updated the blog post with longer audio from the Anaheim soundcheck and you can hear how the jam session was actually a sort of lead-in to a soundcheck of "Magnificent."

But here's some good news, on one of the mailing lists that I read, Karine, a U2 fan in France, reported that at least some of the band members are in Eze right now (where Bono and The Edge have homes) and fans have started hearing new songs. So don't be surprised if some real "beach clips" hit the web pretty soon.

I love that there's a 13-page discussion thread on the TalkBass.com website called "Why Hate Adam Clayton?" It's actually a somewhat interesting read with a mix of fans and non-fans debating Adam's skills.

No matter; Adam is the perfect bassist for U2 and that's the only thing that counts. (Related: U2 Lists: Top 10 Favorite U2 Bass Lines)

And finally ... here's Larry Mullen Jr. looking really young in this video. Wow.


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