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"[I]f something goes completely wrong I can just phone Bono and find, again, that he's probably one of the best psychologists I know."

-- Ali

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Column: off the record..., vol. 13-550

@U2, January 20, 2013
By: Becky Myers / @bmyers


off the record, from @U2

I know we are getting on in the new year and the 2012 holidays are quickly becoming a distant memory. But I want to share one small piece of holiday cheer.

I participated in the @U2 holiday card exchange for the first time and am so glad I did. Call me old-fashioned, but I truly enjoyed shopping for just the right cards, hand-writing personal notes to each person and then mailing them to fellow U2 fans around the globe. I am relatively new to the staff -- I joined in mid-2011 -- and I have never participated in the exchange because I thought it might be a little too hokey for me. I discovered that the exchange actually is a little hokey (or I am), but it's a beautiful thing!

I received cards from all over the world including Romania, Italy, Canada, the U.K. and the United States. Since people don't send Christmas/holiday cards like they used to, it was a refreshing surprise to get cards via snail mail. I found myself looking forward to checking my mailbox for something other than just the usual bills and business and junk mail.

Who knew we have such an incredibly talented group of fans on our site? Some of the cards were quite creative. One fan sent a photo card with pictures from the 360 tour -- a great reminder of some great shows I saw. Another person sent a card with pop-up ornaments on the inside, each "signed" by Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry. The best part is that many of us swapped email addresses or have been in touch via social media, so I hope to continue communicating with my new U2 pen pals.

Thanks to all of you who sent me cards and who participated in this year's exchange! If you missed out this year, I strongly recommend you try the card exchange next year.

So, the two members of U2 who don't usually make the news -- Adam and Larry -- have been in the news lately. In Adam's case, saying he's been in the news is a bit of a stretch. Rather, his hair has been a topic of some discussion. It even has its own Twitter handle, @ontopofadam.

What do you think of his new do?

We recently posted this news item and RTE interview about Larry's appearance at the Dublin premiere of his film, The Man On The Train. During the interview, Larry talks about his desire to continue acting and even produce and direct films. He suggests that he'd be content to delve further into an acting career if the band decides its music is no longer relevant.

But Larry also recently confirmed that the band is working in the studio and hopes to release a new album by the end of 2013, which gives me some cognitive dissonance. Are they really a part-time band? I hope they deliver at least one more album and tour because I'm not ready to admit that the members of U2 very well could decide to move on.

On a positive note, if Larry said the band hopes to issue a new album this year, then I'm inclined to believe him. Fingers crossed….

One last Larry item – can you find Mullen Court on this map? It's part of a California neighborhood with streets named after many great musicians and includes a Mullen Court. If you click that link and zoom in, you should see it.

And last but not least, is Bono a good egg?

Have a great week!

(c) @U2, 2013.

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