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Column: off the record..., vol. 12-526

@U2, August 05, 2012
By: Matt McGee / @mattmcgee


off the record, from @U2

This conversation happened last week at Casa McGee:

Mrs. McGee: Guess what song I heard today on a Tri-Cities radio station?

Me: Skrillex?

Mrs. McGee: No. "Streets." And you know what? That's a really good song. The opening is really great. And so I just want to reiterate what I said to you before: The next time they go on tour, you should go see as many shows as you can.

Me: (silent victory gestures such as raising arms high in the air, fist pumping, etc.)

The "what I said before" that my wife's referring to is the fact that she first suggested I see as many shows as possible after she read my Playlist -- the one where I mention at the end about being afraid to never hear "Streets" live again.

I have the best wife on earth.

If you read my OTR column last month, you may recall that I mentioned how Bono has trademarked his name in Ireland. But it turns out that's not the only trademark maneuver lately in the U2 camp.

On June 29th, U2 trademarked the Wings logo that it first used back on The Joshua Tree tour. If you're not sure what logo that is, you can see it on this shirt at Live Nation's store.

Then back on April 26th, they also trademarked the generic "U2" name.

And your guess is as good as mine regarding why they've done all this within the last couple months. There must be business reasons that we're not aware of.

If you weren't too thrilled about Jennifer Lopez's idea that maybe Bono could replace herand Steven Tyler as a judge on American Idol, this should make you feel better: The Irish Sun is running an article that quotes a U2 "insider" that pooh-poohs the idea.

"Bono is one of the top choices each year when shake-ups on these shows come around. He has repeatedly shrugged off talk of appearing as a judge as he hasn't the time and it's not really up his street at the moment.

The "he hasn't the time" excuse kinda cracks me up, y'know? But I'll say this much: I wouldn't be surprised at all if it is "up his street" someday. He's a salesman, after all, and what better way to help sell a new U2 record than to be on a popular TV show every week for about 4-5 months? That urge to promote might battle for a while with his awareness that some people are sick of him already, or may get sick of him pretty quickly.

And finally, I was outside Invesco Field last May when U2 did that U2 360 dress rehearsal for an audience made up of the Netjets company and participants in Colorado's Special Olympics program. Bono gave a speech to some of the invited guests before the show started. And, of course, you can watch it on YouTube.

Until next time, thx for reading!

© @U2, 2012.

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