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We want to do better; we want to compete on the highest level, and that means competing on radio. -- Larry

Column: off the record..., vol. 12-517


off the record, from @U2

In our forum, there's a boatload of discussion already about Bono's comments Friday night on The Late Late Show. As you might guess, there's a healthy level of skepticism due to Bono's penchant for hyperbole over the years.

I'm very much in the let's-not-over-analyze-anything-Bono-says-at-this-point camp, but the thing that really strikes me about his comments is this:

Since when was U2 good and/or productive in the studio in 1979?

Seriously, by all accounts the band was pretty much inept in the studio at that point in their lives. Larry couldn't keep time. Adam looked the part better than he played the part. The band, as a whole, was just not all that skilled. When I was researching U2-A Diary in 2007, I did an interview with Chas de Whalley, who produced U2-3 in 1979. Here's one of the stories he shared:

We had a difficult situation with "Out Of Control." We were going through the basics, and he (Larry) would go out of time. And because he went out of time, none of the band came back in properly at the same time. The track would fall apart. So, I just kept saying, 'this isn't good enough, we have to do it again.' And this is at like four a.m., and everyone was well tired, and Larry was getting very upset, but we had to do the things properly. And finally we did. I remember Bono saying, 'You can't be right. Larry's had lessons with the best drummer in Ireland, and he can't be playing it wrong!' And I was going, 'He is!'"

So, really Bono, what was so great about the studio work in 1979? :-)

Bono made that TV appearance late Friday night in Dublin, then padded his frequent flyer status with a trip across the Atlantic on Saturday so he could attend a (RED) launch event with Beats by Dr. Dre in New York City. There are some photos from the event on Zimbio.

This looks like a rarity to me: As part of the Cold Dream Colour dance production that recently had its U.S. premiere, The Edge and Paul Chavez put their music (at least some of it) on an eight-song CD that was only sold during the production's brief run.

Reader Lance Schart went to see the production in Los Angeles last month and posted this photo of the CD on Twitter. He gave us this track list:

  • "Heads & Presences"
  • "Being"
  • "Procession"
  • "The Yard"
  • "Flower Girl"
  • "Bundle"
  • "The Family"
  • "Bass Song"

If you're curious to hear a bit of what Edge and Chavez concocted, there's a video montage on the CDC website -- but I have to note that there's a bit near the beginning that might be considered NSFW in some places. What I hear is reminiscent of the Passengers project as well as Edge's work on the Captive soundtrack in the mid-'80s.

And finally ... apologies if we've shared this link before, but I don't think we have: a pretty funny video collection of misheard U2 lyrics.

See ya next time!

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