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Imagine what it would be like being a solo performer. At least we've got each other. . . . I can always drag Edge out of bed and talk. -- Bono

Column: off the record ..., vol. 16-747


off the record, from @U2

You know when you take a trip and plan out everything you want to take, meticulously checking every last thing off the list as it lands in your suitcase? And then, when you get there, you realize you forgot something?

That happened to me last month when I arrived in Ohio for #U240Cleveland.

A little background: I was responsible for the goodie bags. I dreamed them up, I bought the contents, I hole-punched 100 stars and wrote lyrics by hand, then threaded ribbons through each of them to make ornaments. I divided hundreds of infinitesimal iris seeds into teeny Ziploc bags and printed out instructions on how to grow them. I also mailed 90% of the supplies to staff emeritus Michelle Watson, who assembled the bags for me in her Indiana living room (big thanks to her). I joined Michelle the night before to put the finishing touches on them.

But it wasn’t until we had already delivered the batches of bags to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and I was back in my hotel room unpacking my clothes that I discovered there was one component blatantly absent: the notes I’d copied out that explained the meaning behind the contents in the bags. I had carefully cut them all out and placed them in a manilla envelope … which was still sitting on my dining room table in Seattle, next to where I loaded my laptop bag.

In the excitement of leaving, I totally forgot them and didn’t realize until it was too late. So, for any of you who attended our Cleveland event and received a bag, here’s what was inside, to represent each decade of U2’s 40 years:

  • 1976 – 1986 Irish flags
  • 1987 – 1997 Lemonheads
  • 1998 – 2008 Fast cars
  • 2009 – 2016 Iris seeds

Each bag also contained celebratory red beads and a lyric ornament (no lyrics were repeated, so they’re all one of a kind). For those who received them, I hope you enjoyed the symbolic contents — and I apologize for how long it took for me to explain them!


On a related note, you can go here and here to see our most comprehensive sets of photos and videos from #U240Cleveland, #U240Dublin and Dreamfest.

When we were in Cleveland, Dave Fanning brought up the fact that The Beatles were together for only seven years, when pressing Adam Clayton for how long it was going to take U2 to finish their next album. And that got me thinking: There are a lot of things that take less time to make than a modern U2 album (which now takes several years to complete). Here are some examples:

So boys — Songs Of Experience should be completed soon, right?

The Q Awards are happening this week, so please don’t forget to cast your vote for U2. They’re nominated in the “Best Act in the World” category along with 1975, Muse, Coldplay and Biffy Clyro.

In addition to Larry Mullen Jr.’s birthday, Halloween is tomorrow. If you’re not the type that wants to truly scare trick-or-treaters, but would still like to make them jump as they advance to your door, perhaps consider making your very own Pantyhose Edge (instructions courtesy of Achtoon Baby artist Kelly Eddington). He may not look threatening, but he’s definitely creepy.


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