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Check your mailbox: U2 fans getting mysterious Blackout letter

@U2, August 21, 2017
By: Matt McGee


Twitter is abuzz right now with several U2 fans reporting that they've received a mysterious piece of mail today that appears to be promoting U2's new album and the new track known as "Blackout" (or "The Blackout").

The letters are postmarked from Los Angeles and feature a typed letter with text that refers to William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience, the book that has inspired U2's latest and next album. Over the text is a silhouette image of Bono's son, Eli, holding hands with Edge's daughter, Sian -- the same image that often showed on screen at the end of recent Joshua Tree Tour 2017 shows that ended with the new song, "The Little Things That Give You Away." The silhouette image, though, has some empty spaces that allow a message to show:

Blackout ... It's clear who you are will appear ...

The bottom of the letter says "U2 will announce _____ on ______," with the details blacked out.

It's all very mysterious at this point. More to come as we learn/hear it. Meanwhile, see these tweets for details:

UPDATE #1: The three fans above are located in Tennessee, Nebraska and Kansas City. It may be nothing more than a coincidence, but all three of those locations were along the path of today's total solar eclipse -- and U2 is promoting a song called "Blackout."

UPDATE #2: We've heard from two more fans who got the letter on Monday. One was in Tennessee (in the eclipse's path) and the other in Charlotte, North Carolina -- not directly in the path, but a bit north of it.

UPDATE #3 and #4, August 22 at 1:30 pm PT: Fans continue to report the letter arriving today in their mailboxes. These include some locations that were in or near the path of the eclipse (Tennessee, Kansas City, Hilton Head Island), some not close to its path (central Iowa, Chicago, Boston) and some not-too-close-but-not-too-far (Atlanta, Lexington KY).

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