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"I don't want people coming to me, or the group, as some sort of God substitute or guru-like goons because I can look at myself in the mirror and just laugh."

-- Bono

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Charlie Rose interview: Bono non-committal on album, tour

@U2, September 21, 2016
By: Matt McGee


Bono on the Charlie Rose show

Bono, in a very un-Bono move, was mostly non-committal about U2's album and tour plans in his interview with PBS host Charlie Rose this week. The conversation took place Monday in New York City and aired Tuesday night on PBS stations around the country. While much of the conversation was not music-related, there were a couple different segments where Rose asked about the band's music plans:

Rose: Take Songs Of Experience. How many songs have you written?

Bono: We have 16 songs on the cooker. We have to boil it down to 10 or 12. We'd rather it be 10, but it'll probably be 12.

And later...

Rose: A couple points of business -- when is the album coming out? Songs Of Experience.

Bono: Only God and Edge know. [laughter]

Rose: But there will be a tour --

Bono: He's a perfectionist!

Rose: I know, but there will be a tour in 2017, yes?

Bono: Yes. Emmm ... yes. Yes, Charlie, there will be!

Bono also told Rose that he's "written some very, very personal songs. To people -- my kids, or our kids, to friends, to Ali, to our audience." He said he's also written some songs to himself, though he didn't realize at first that he was the subject of his lyrics. Bono also talked briefly about a new song called "The Little Things That Give You Away" (a song he first mentioned about a year ago in Q magazine) and said that's a new title for the song that was previously called "The Morning After Innocence."

You can watch the full, hour-long conversation on

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