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"Bono ... doesn't slave for weeks on the nuances of a lyric or a melody. He comes in and kind of leaps, and that can be an incredibly inspiring thing to see." — Edge

Bought Wide Awake In Europe? Now Register It


U2 fans across North America have been hitting their local independent record stores today with the hope of landing a copy of Wide Awake In Europe, U2's new limited-edition, vinyl-only release for Record Store Day. (Some are having better luck than others.) Although it's been advertised as being limited to 5,000 pressings, Universal Music explained for us last week why some pressings will have numbers above 5,000.

"During the manufacturing process, some jackets get damaged during the numbering process. These jackets are destroyed, but we do not go back and re-set the numbering machine for each damaged jacket. We simply run numbers past 5,000. If we didn’t do this, we would end up with much less than 5,000 total units."

Regardless of what number(s) you have, there's a fan-created website where you can register your copy: WideAwakeIn.EU. There's no reward or contest or anything like that; the point is just to see where the various numbers/copies end up spreading around the world. (The idea is inspired by a similar site that tracks numbered editions of U2-3.) So, if you got a copy today of Wide Awake In Europe, go tell the world what number!