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"It's a record about looking for some kind of transcendence as well as trash."

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Book 'critical' of Bono sells just 184 copies in a month

Irish Independent, June 28, 2013
By: Ken Sweeney


IT was billed as a "scathing and hilarious takedown of a frontman for the rich and powerful".

But a highly critical book about Bono has sold just 184 copies a month after hitting Irish bookshelves.

One of the most widely publicised books this year, Bono In The Name Of Power, was widely reviewed in both the UK and Irish media, and was discussed on TV3's Vincent Browne Tonight' debate, where author Harry Browne was quizzed on his work.

Chernobyl campaigner Adi Roche, a friend of Bono and wife Ali Hewson, had urged the Irish public "not to buy this shameful book".

And it seems they have taken her advice.

"Given the publicity and the hype about this Bono book on TV and in the press. You'd really have expected it to have sold more at this point," said an industry insider. However author Harry Browne has said that he didn't pen the 192-page book for the money.


"I gave up my holidays last year to write it, not for fame and fortune, but because I thought it had something to say that's worth saying – not so much about Bono personally but about how celebrities like him get used by a rotten system to cover up its sins.

"I suspect it's a net loss for me financially. Bono probably has sunglasses worth more than my advance for it," Harry Browne told the Herald.

Lifelong Bono friend Gavin Friday has said the author of a critical book about the U2 star could "f*** off".

In the strongest outburst by a friend of the U2 singer yet, Friday (53) accused author Harry Browne of "trying to make money out of bulls***".

(c) Independent, 2013.

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