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Rock 'n' roll is a term that's been heavily abused. It's not something you can buy in a record shop. It's an attitude. -- Adam

Bono's Remarks Prior to "One" During Notre Dame Show

"So thank you all for coming out and spending your hard earned on a rock show...whose bicycle did I get on today? I borrowed a bike and drove around the campus, was that yours? It was a nickel bike.

"Also want to thank those of you that supported us on the Drop the Debt campaign. I noticed that the President of the World Bank Jim Wolfhenson came out on Sept. 12 or maybe Sept. 13 and said you know the roots of this problem are in abject poverty, fanatics live off (this) -- their fuel, fuel for their fanaticism is the abject poverty that they live in, so I put a challenge to us that perhaps the only way to really win this war, really win it, is to try and take away that poverty, that's my prayer.

"There's a programme here in Notre Dame, I think it's called the Ace Programme, Father Scully's programme, where people give up two years of their life, they go into an area where people can't get to, just kind of teaching, I would call that changing the world...and I would call getting pharmaceutical companies to drop their intellectual copyright on AIDS vaccines and drugs, I would call that changing the world... and I would call letting the poorest of the poorest countries at least trade with Europe and the United States, I would call that changing the world.

"Tonight with us we have people who turn the whole concept of celebrity on its head...celebrities are supposed to be somebody special, film stars, rock stars, we're celebrities, supposed to be heroes but we're not heroes, we're very selfish people who enjoy what we do thank you very much...

"But here tonight we have from the fire department in New York City, from the police department of New York City, men and women that came down to catch the U2 show tonight, theirs is the kind of bravery that can truly change the world...so if it's possible to glue these two subjects together, the poverty, these far off places and the bravery of some of the places closer to home, if we could join those two together, we might have something...

"I go on a bit, don't I?" says Bono and so singing the opening lines of "Peace on Earth," U2 are playing "Walk On" as members of the NYC police and fire department take to the stage to a volcanic reception of gratitude and respect. Bono leads them around the heart-shaped catwalk, they shake hands with fans and are heroes tonight. As the newspaper put it, "U2 Saves Best To Last."