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"The last time we took a TV station on the road -- this time we are taking a supermarket."

-- Bono, on Popmart, 1997

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Bono: U2's 'Best 3 Weeks In the Studio Since 1979'

@U2, June 01, 2012
By: Matt McGee / @mattmcgee


Bono made a (somewhat) surprise appearance on RTE TV tonight in Ireland during the 50th anniversary special for The Late Late Show, and he made a few interesting comments about U2's album progress.

Host Ryan Tubridy began by asking Bono what the band is up to currently.

"Looking for the perfect pop song. Edge is in denial of his genius. I'm a little too sure of my own. Larry is suspicious of both and Adam sees merit in both. They're unbelievable. They really want it, though, I will say that. As a band there's no sense of entitlement. I think they're very aware that U2's gotta do something very special to have a reason to exist right now, so that's what we're doing. We're song writing -- you know the process. But it's -- they're amazing men. They really are extraordinary. They really, really want it."

"There won't be a U2 album unless there's something really special. You just gotta go to that place. You gotta dig a deep well and see what you can pull up. We've been through many songs and there's some great stuff. I would say we had the best three weeks in the studio that we've had since, like, 1979. Three weeks is all it should take...."

Later in the interview, he says he knows U2 has a great song "because the band will stop arguing."

You can watch the show online via RTE, but it may only be viewable for the next three weeks. Bono's segment starts at the 2:00:00 mark, and then he starts talking about the album at about 2:03:00.

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