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"Might I put it on record I'm disappointed I'm not on mullet.com?" — Bono

Bono Tells Hot Press: U2 Album "Next Fall"


In a wide-ranging interview mainly about President Barack Obama, Bono tells Hot Press magazine that the next "regular" U2 album will "probably" be out "next fall." He doesn't clarify if that's Fall 2011 or 2012.

Olaf Tyaransen interviewed Bono in early May primarily to talk about President Obama's visit this week to Ireland. But other topics came up, such as the Spider-Man project and U2's studio work. Bono says the band originally planned to have an album right about now to coincide with the North American leg of the U2 360 tour.

"Is this Songs of Ascent?," Tyaransen asks. Bono replies:

No, actually we've got a few going (laughs). We have Songs of Ascent, which is a kind of ecstatic album, ambient, very beautiful songs. But it's a real stained-glass window of a record, elegiac, I think you could describe some of the songs, beautiful. There's one song called "Mount Zion," that's beautiful. There's a song called "Soon", there's a song called "Every Breaking Wave". Then there's -- we went in to make some club music with RedOne and we got some very extraordinary club sounding stuff, one called "I'll Believe Her When She Sings". Let me think if I can remember all of them now … "North Star", that's a ballad actually, that's a beautiful song: we've actually played it acoustically onstage a little bit on the tour. And then we, the sort of rock album -- although I think "rock" is the wrong word for it -- the next sort of "regular U2 band" album, we started to make with Danger Mouse. Brian Burton, AKA Danger Mouse. Who is like a mix of Brian Eno and Danny Lanois. He is a cerebral fellow, but with deep reserves of instinct which he prizes over intellect any day, he listens from some other part of himself. He is really making quite an impact on us, because he's really encouraging us away from all the things that we know.

Bono goes on to say that the band currently has about 10 songs with Danger Mouse, as well as 18 Spider-Man songs and 20 Spider-Man pieces of music. After switching topics, Tyaransen asks Bono about a release date for U2's next album. Says Bono:

I think next fall. I mean, as always, it'll be ready when it's finished, although I never feel like a U2 album gets finished, we sort of finish the songs live. But when it's nearly finished, we'll release it. And that will be probably next fall. We want to get it right. I mean, look, why would anyone want another U2 album? Lots of people have them, why would they want another one? It just better be really great, and the reason why we didn't put out Songs of Ascent was that we felt that the next thing people need to hear from U2 is not an art project, that it has a rock 'n' roll heart, even if it's not rock 'n' roll music. It has the songs, you play them live.

As always, we're keeping track of the latest developments on our new U2 album page.

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