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"There are still some wild, unorthodox, unpredictable, furry animals to go in this zoo."

-- Edge, on the Zoo TV tour, 1993

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Bono on JT2017 tour: 'We better be f**king good going forward'

@U2, July 20, 2017
By: Matt McGee


Will the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 have an impact on U2's next album? It sure sounds like it, at least according to Bono. During a full-band interview that aired today on Apple's Beats 1 music service, Bono told host Zane Low about the decision to tour a 30-year-old album and the pressure it puts on the band in the future:

It's going to make for a ridiculous new U2 album. It's the only reason. 'Glorifying the past because the future dries up' -- that's a tattoo (points to his own face) to just write across your head. And we better be f**king good going forward cuz there's no interest here -- we don't need it -- to be a heritage act. We're all doing very well, thank you very much. We're doing this cuz we want to do it.

As Sherry mentioned earlier here on @U2, Bono spoke about "American Soul," one of the new tracks on Songs Of Experience. He recited these lyrics:

It's not a place, this country is to me a thought
That offers grace for every welcome that is sought

At the very end, when Lowe whispers a question about when the new album will be out, Edge whispers back: "I think it's gonna be this year." The interview took place in London on July 10; at U2's show in Barcelona two nights ago, Bono also told the audience that the album will be out this year.

The focus of the interview, though, is on The Joshua Tree -- both the album and this year's tour. It also touches on what happened before (The Unforgettable Fire and Live Aid) and after (Achtung Baby and Zoo TV). There are some stories you've probably never heard, along with a few you have. Overall, it's a great listen. You can do that via the video below. The program ran a full hour, but that included a few songs that were edited in after the fact. The conversation itself runs a little less than 40 minutes.

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