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-- Edge

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Bono Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize: Report

@U2, October 07, 2010
By: Matt McGee / @mattmcgee


Bono is reportedly nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten lists Bono in this article that lists several of the believed nominees. The Nobel nominees aren't officially announced, only the winner; however, over the years, many who submit nominees have begun announcing their candidates publicly. If Bono is one of this year's nominees, it would be at least the fourth time his name has been mentioned for the honor (although he could've been nominated on other occasions with his name never being revealed).

In early 2009, Bono told Q magazine that he doesn't expect he'll ever win the Nobel Peace Prize:

I will never get that. I think in general they give it to people whose names are not known. Or if they give it to somebody who's very well-known, it's because they're making a particular point that year. I think they've made the Africa point a couple of times, the inequality point.

The award is announced tomorrow, October 8. (thx to Tom for the tip.)

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