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"There is no in-between U2 songs. You either perform it completely and utterly, or you should stop performing it." — Bono

Bono meets with Danforth Plant Science Center toppers

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Before rocking jam-packed Busch Stadium on Sunday night, Bono met with some honchos from the Danforth Plant Science Center to talk about the intersection of humanitarian and scientific issues.

U2's frontman met with Dr. William Danforth, chairman of the center; James Carrington, president; and Martin Fregene, a native of Nigeria and director of the center's BioCassava Plus program.

When he was introduced to Danforth, Bono started off with, "What an honor to meet you, sir..."

Fregene shared details with the rocker about the center's work to combat hunger by improving the nutritional value and disease resistance of crops. Bono, obviously interested in the idea, asked a variety of questions about the Center's research in relation to the developing world.

The conversation ended with this observation from Fregene: "Africa needs both technology and social action -- we are the technology -- you are the social action. We have to work together."

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