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"Publications keep calling me Bono Vox. I'm not Mr. Vox."

-- Bono

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Bono Joins Chris Martin, Diddy and More on Jimmy Kimmel RED Show

@U2, November 28, 2017
By: Karen Lindell


Bono & Jimmy Kimmel (2017)

Bono returned for the third year as a significant part of the Jimmy Kimmel Live (RED) Show tonight to raise funds to fight HIV/AIDS in advance of World AIDS Day Dec. 1. He appeared during several segments of the program, but the highlight was his performance of "One for My Baby," with Chris Martin of Coldplay playing piano and sharing some vocals, accompanied by a small string ensemble. Actor Sean Penn played a silent role as the bartender Bono sang to.

The annual show raises funds by highlighting (RED) campaign items for sale via various skits.

In addition to Bono, the star-studded cast included Kristen Bell, Rita Wilson, Diddy, DJ Khaled, Bryan Cranston and Ashton Kutcher. 

Bono first appeared during a sit-down chat with Kimmel, both perched next to a red piano, to discuss progress in the fight against AIDS. Former President Barack Obama also appeared in this segment via video, calling Bono the "ringmaster" of a home shopping extravaganza.

Bono talked as well about an opportunity to win a chance to play miniature golf with U2 via, saying the band made a pact early on to never play golf, but would break that vow to raise funds for charity.

He also talked about the support of the hip-hip community during the early years of the (RED) campaign, followed by Diddy walking out with a check for $500,000 million representing funds that have been donated to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Bono also joined the rest of the guests at the end for a reprise of the song "We're Going to Hell," written by Brandon Flowers and first performed last year.

Those in the studio audience were lucky enough to hear both musical numbers performed twice, and to see Bono in group hugs with Martin, Penn, Diddy and Kimmel sidekick Guillermo.

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