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"I can cry when I'm singing, literally. I can get very, very into it."

-- Bono

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Bono Honored as Glamour's Man Of The Year

@U2, November 15, 2016
By: Fernanda Bottini


Bono received Glamour magazine's first-ever Man Of The Year award, in a ceremony last night in Los Angeles. Bono called it "a bit ridiculous," and before his acceptance speech he read some tweets about his polemic nomination for Woman Of The Year.

After some laughs, he shifted to serious dialog about gender equality. "There is nowhere on Earth where women have the same opportunities as men, and unless we address this problem, both women and men together—our world will continue down this misogynistic, violent, and impoverished path," he said.

Bono also talked about Poverty Is Sexist and ONE campaigns. "Poverty is worse for women and girls. It denies them the essentials like human rights and health, but it also denies them a way out through education and opportunity."

It was a special night for Bono and Ali because they were celebrating their 40th dating anniversary. "This week, 40 years ago, was my first date with Ali Stewart, as she was then—and I joined U2. It was a great week," he said.

To finish his speech, Bono sent a message to President-elect Donald Trump. "Look across to women. Make equality a priority. It is the only way forward. The train is leaving the station. Be on it or be under it."

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