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Bono: Fashion line is all my wife's

EN Showbiz, September 13, 2011


Bono is "not allowed near the clothes" in his wife Ali Hewson's clothing line EDUN.

Ali is the founder of the fashion label, which encourages fair trade with third world nations and the abolition of sweatshops and child labour.

Bono is famed for his humanitarian work and helps his wife promote the brand and its ethos. Ali insists her husband's forte is not the creative process.

"We don't let him near the clothes. That's the only stipulation," she laughed in an interview with WWD. "But he's an amazing sounding board. It's always great to get his opinion."

Bono loves being involved in the line. The U2 frontman was present at his wife's recent New York Fashion Week show and he is proud of EDUN's accomplishments.

"I'm on the board. I look over the mission stuff. Ali told me that 37 per cent of the collection you saw today is made in Africa," he said. "And that's real fashion pieces, not jeans and T-shirts. That's a massive achievement."

Bono explained what he thought of his wife's new collection. However, he insists he doesn't have much knowledge of fashion.

"I'm not an expert on these things, and so I'm looking at it like a child. I've been to half-a-dozen fashion shows in my life. It's a wonderful parade apart from everything else. What I did pick up, perhaps for the first time, was that the mission was in the shadow of the aesthetic, and that's the way it should be. It's strange to hear an activist like me say that. But EDUN cannot be famous for its do-gooder sensibility," he said.

"The vision has to be an aesthetic one. I thought the floral patterns with the African prints on top of them were incredible. But if I start talking about fashion, just thump me. Just come out and go bang."

(c) EN Showbiz, 2011.

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