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Bono explains why U2 never played 'Red Hill Mining Town' live

2017 mix is now available on streaming, digital music stores

@U2, April 20, 2017
By: Matt McGee


Bono appeared on BBC Radio 2 with host Chris Evans Thursday morning and confirmed a longstanding rumor among U2 fans about why the band never played "Red Hill Mining Town" live:

I used to write songs that I couldn't sing. And sometimes that was OK because the strains of the notes I couldn't reach was part of the drama, but occasionally they would really just wreck the next show. So I just left 'Red Hill Mining Town' off. But since then, I sing a bit better -- or at least I've learned how to sing.

That confirms what many fans have long suspected -- that reaching some of the higher notes in the song is why U2 never played it live. Bono also told Evans that the band is planning to play The Joshua Tree in full and in sequence when the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 begins next month:

We're playing the album in sequence for the first time, and Red Hill Mining Town's turning out to be one of the most important tracks as we rehearse.

That's not new information, but it's good to hear that the band hasn't changed its mind. The Zootopia mods have uploaded the entire interview to SoundCloud, and you can listen here:

Meanwhile, several of our readers/Twitter followers have pointed out that "Red Hill Mining Town" is now available for purchase and/or streaming on iTunes, Spotify and other popular music services. You can listen via Spotify below. "Red Hill Mining Town" is released on vinyl this Saturday as part of Record Store Day.

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