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Bono, Edge enjoyed Costello's show

Toronto Sun, December 10, 2009
By: Jane Stevenson


U2 frontman Bono and guitarist The Edge enjoyed themselves while taping a segment of Elvis Costello's Spectacle -- actually the Season 2 premiere which airs Friday, Dec. 11 on CTV -- at the Masonic Temple in Toronto back in mid-September.

Even if the venue supposedly has ghosts.

"To be in that theatre was such a magical thing," said Bono in a Canadian newspaper exclusive while the Irish band was in Toronto for two sold-out shows at Rogers Centre.

"Although somebody was telling me, 'You know on the fifth floor, it's haunted.' I said, 'Well, if it was, after tonight (U2's taping), it ain't going to be. We're going to chase those demons away.' "

The Edge said he's a fan of both Spectacle's variety format -- that includes interviews and performances -- and its host.

"To help out Elvis Costello's new show, it's such a great idea and I think he's absolutely the right man for that particular show," the guitarist said.

Even U2 bassist Adam Clayton said that he wished he could have participated but he hadn't yet arrived in Toronto when it was taped.

"I would have loved to have been involved because Elvis is a good friend of mine," Clayton said.

"But that kind of got put together while I was away and it made sense for (Bono and The Edge) to do it as a duo. But it turned out to be fortuitous because I actually wasn't (in Toronto) any ways. So I would have had to change my arrangements to get here -- which would have been absolutely fine because I'd do anything for Elvis."

U2 returns to Canada to play Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium on June 23, Toronto's Rogers Centre on July 3 and Montreal's Hippodrome on July 16-17.

© Toronto Sun, 2009.

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