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Bono and Larry Mullen ordered to pay $5M fine in Brazil

@U2, December 15, 2016
By: Fernanda Bottini


Larry & Bono

It was announced today that Bono and Larry will have to pay a fine for moral and material damages to Brazilian promoter Franco Bruni. That was the judge’s final decision on a civil case dated from 2003.

If you don't remember, during an interview in 2000, Bono and Larry accused Bruni of not paying the band for the PopMart shows in 1998. Three days later, Sheila Roche (U2's managing director at that time) said it was a mistake -- she said Larry was talking about the authors' rights and not the money from the concerts. Bruni wanted apologies from Bono and Larry, not Sheila, so that's why he sued both.

We posted about the judgment in 2011, when Bono was acquitted and Larry found guilty. Now, the verdict of this appeal was a little bit different. The U2 members have to reimburse Bruni for damages caused to his image, while the journalist and the media company who did the interview were exempt from that obligation.

The decision was unanimous and the amount of the compensation, with corrections, should reach approximately $5 million Brazilian real, which is around $1.5 million US dollars.

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