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Bono: Album Unnamed and Unfinished, Tour Will Start Indoors

@U2, February 03, 2014
By: Matt McGee


In a short interview Monday with Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, Bono summed up where things stand with U2's album and tour plans. None of what he revealed is necessarily new, but together the interview serves to get us all on the same page now that "Ordinary Love" and "Invisible" have both seen the light of day (and radio airplay).

He spoke about the success of "Invisible" and the charity download effort with (RED), saying "I'm delighted that people are still interested in us. I think we're at two-and-a-half million downloads now."

Bono on the next U2 album:

  • "With U2, our album isn't finished until it's in the stores. And even then, Edge is still trying to mix it."
  • "We listened to a lot of late 70s music -- punk rock, electronica, The Ramones and Kraftwerk."
  • "No, it's not [finished]. We'll finish in a couple of months. It'll be finished when it's finished."

He also said the band doesn't have a name for the album yet, and reiterated comments he's made several times in the past few years about U2 being "on the verge of irrelevance."

"We've felt like that a lot in our life. You've got to make stuff that's first relevant to you. You've got to make stuff that's an honest account of what you're going through. We'll find out if we're irrelevant. I'm perfectly prepared for people to try to blow us off the stage, but we're not gonna make it easy."

Speaking of being on stage, here's what Bono said about touring:

"We'd like to play indoors. We like the big outdoor shows, but for these tunes we're certainly going to start indoors. We'd like to play the O2, and those kind of buildings."

You can hear the interview on the BBC website for the next seven days. It starts at about the 58:30 mark.

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