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I'm a guy with no mid-range. I'm all bottom and all top, emotionally. -- Bono

Bono & Edge Tease Tour Details On BBC Radio 6


Bono and Edge joined Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 today to discuss Songs Of Innocence. While singing a bit of "I Remember You" a capella and waxing nostalgic about punk influences, Bono spoke a bit more about Songs Of Experience.

It's more about the present tense. The singer - the protagonist in it - is much closer to where we're at in our life and the younger character from Songs Of Innocence, they sometimes meet and one has a take on the other that is often a little aggressive. I often think about that - what would the younger me think of me now. Not much. In one song, there's another song called "The Morning After Innocence" where the older me goes and asks the younger me for help. It's a very tough one that goes:

Is that your fountain pen, navy with a nib of gold? You never could write so well or do anything you were told on 10 Cedarwood Road. I'm your older self, the song of experience, I've come to ask for some help from your song of innocence. Lead me in the way I should go. I'm running out of chances to blow, that's what you told me and you should know. Lead me in the way I should be. Unravel the mystery of the heart and its defense, the morning after innocence.

Bono went on to describe the upcoming tour in more detail where there's a conversation between innocence and experience, describing it like The Who's Quadrophenia

Bono also mentioned, rather tongue-in-cheek, being the opening act for Bill Murray's band, The Venetian Blinds, and being promptly fired afterward while at a friend's "big Irish and Arab" wedding a few weeks ago.

You can listen back via the BBC website, but it will only be available for four weeks.