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"It is my ambition to travel to America and give it what I consider it wants and needs." — Bono, 1981

Bono & Edge tape Spectacle with Elvis Costello


As you may know, U2 taped an edition of Spectacle Tuesday in Toronto. It's a music performance/interview program hosted by Elvis Costello that airs on the Sundance Channel, and typically involves Elvis and his band performing songs with his guests. The U2 appearance tonight -- which was actually just Bono and Edge -- stayed true to that format.

According to @U2 reader Jesse M., here's how it went down:

"Please" (just Elvis Costello and his band)
"Dirty Day" (ditto)
"Mysterious Ways" (ditto)

Elvis begins interview with Bono and Edge, but it's broken up by several performances:

"Stay" (Bono and Edge alone)
"Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad" (Bono, with Elvis' rhythm section)
"Alison" (the whole ensemble - Elvis and his band with Bono and Edge)
"Stuck In A Moment" (whole ensemble)
"Pump It Up/Get On Your Boots" (whole ensemble)

Needless to say, we don't know yet when the program might air.

Update: Via another @U2 reader who was in the audience, we're told that "Dirty Day" required three takes, that Bono needed a second take for "Two Shots of Happy...", that "Alison" was performed twice, and that Edge wasn't happy with the "Pump It Up/Get On Your Boots" mashup, so they did a second version of that, as well.