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I don't do many interviews because it's all in the lyrics. -- Bono

Bono & Edge debut new U2 song on BBC Radio 1


Bono and Edge spent more than an hour doing a live interview today on BBC Radio 1 with host Edith Bowman. The conversation was fun and loose, but also included the world premiere of an unreleased oldie along with a few interesting comments from B&E. Audio from the show is now available on the BBC web site. You can drag the slider at the bottom to move ahead in the interview. Here are the highlights with timing notes:

  • Bono & Edge start at 35:30. Edge brings Edith Bowman flowers, and Bono brings a copy of a book called Enough. They talk about the tour and recent shows for a while.
  • At about 48:00, they talk about the Spider-Man musical and Bono exclaims, "It is gonna happen!"
  • At about 1:03, Edge mentions that he's been listening to some old, unreleased songs from The Unforgettable Fire. Bono asks if he has a copy with him, and when Edge says he does, Bono suggests they play it on-air. (They don't play it for a while, though.)
  • At 1:12:15, they start playing "Guess the U2 intro," and Edge schools Bono on identifying the beginning of U2 songs. Pretty funny stuff.
  • At 1:20:15, Bono reveals that just yesterday they recorded a video piece in which the astronauts in the International Space Station sing "Your Blue Room." Bono says the piece might be in the show by Cardiff.
  • At 1:37:45, they talk about the new track from The Unforgettable Fire sessions. It was originally called "White City" and they did some work on it back in France a couple weeks ago, Edge says. Bono seems to say that the track has new vocals, but the music is from 1984. It's now called "Disappearing Act." They play a bit of the song at 1:38:30.
  • At 1:39:45, Edge says they have a new album to work on after this tour; it's not finished yet. Bono, apparently in all seriousness, says the band would like to put out an album "every year."

Suggest you listen to the audio pronto; it may only be available for a week. And, for what it's worth, Dan Lanois mentioned "White City" in this 1991 Propaganda interview, discovered via our new News search engine.

(The photo above was posted on Twitter by Edith Bowman.)