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BLITZ agency shows off its prototype U2 digital app

@U2, October 15, 2016
By: Matt McGee


UPDATE, October 19: BLITZ has now removed all mentions of U2 from the web page linked to below, and has also removed both of the demo videos from its Vimeo channel. The original version of our story is below, although links no longer work and the embedded video is missing.

Blitz digital app

Think back about four years and you might remember us reporting on a Los Angeles agency called BLITZ, whose work on a digital app for U2 was mentioned briefly in a Los Angeles Times article.

That agency, as first reported by @U2Songs, has gone public with a pair of videos and several screenshots of its work that are displayed on the company's website. (Scroll about halfway down the page to the "Official U2 iOS App" section.) Blitz' description of its work with U2 is as follows:

U2 asked BLITZ to create a flagship tablet experience for fans that was powerful enough to bring over three decades of music to life. BLITZ worked with an extensive assemblage of archivists, tour managers, designers, band managers, management, publishers, labels, creative collaborators, and even the band itself to develop a music-driven community of fans with exclusive access to a comprehensive history of the biggest rock band of its generation. The app drives paid subscription revenue streams as well as iTunes sales via "complete my album" and exclusive volt content features.

The company has also uploaded two demo videos to its Vimeo account (here and here). One was posted on Thursday and the other back on September 19. The videos are similar in nature, both showing in-progress versions of a U2 app on an iPad. Here's the version just posted this week.

It looks like a really cool app, but it also looks very unfinished. Many screens have "Lorem Ipsum" filler text, and there are numerous "mistakes" like every U2 album being listed with a 1991 release date; that's not really a mistake, just an indication that these are demo photos and videos of something that's not finished.

And that's the really interesting thing: If it's not finished after several years of work, why would BLITZ go public on its website and Vimeo account now? Some language on the website is in past tense, too -- U2 "asked" and BLITZ "worked." It's late Friday night/early Saturday morning as I type this, so there's no chance right now to get more information, but I can't help but wonder if this project is over and the app won't be finished. Hope not, because it looks really cool.

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