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(AUDIO) Pittsburgh radio personalities discuss hearing U2's Songs Of Experience

@U2, August 23, 2017
By: Matt McGee


As the buzz for U2's new album, Songs Of Experience, grows, let's turn back the clock a couple months to hear a pair of radio personalities from Pittsburgh's public radio station, WYEP-FM, talking about the album.

You may know that various music/radio industry journalists and insiders -- and some fans, too, from what we've heard -- were invited backstage before most (maybe all?) shows on The Joshua Tree Tour this summer, and given a preview of select songs -- sometimes with U2 themselves listening in at the same time. That's what happened to WYEP's Mike Sauters in the moments before U2 played Heinz Field on June 7. Sauters recounted the story a day later on-air in a discussion with co-worker Kyle Smith. The audio was recorded by an @U2 reader who calls himself "Trando," and the station has given us permission to share the 7-minute conversation with our readers.

You won't hear any music, of course, but you'll hear discussion of four songs (keep in mind that exact song titles weren't known at the time):

  • "American Pop/American Rock" (described as an "in your face" sound with Edge's guitar distorted)
  • "Summer Of Love" (about Abu Wad, the "gardener of Aleppo;" described as having a "great soundscape" and potentially has Lady Gaga on backing vocals?)
  • "You're The Best Thing About Me" (described as being a "big song" with a "'Beautiful Day' vibe")
  • "The Light" (a "good groove" with "a big singalong chorus;" we think this could be "Blackout," which listeners at the video shoot said has a lot of lyrics about light, or it could be the other song fans at the shoot got to hear, which also mentioned "light" and "light from home")

By all accounts, it certainly appears that Songs Of Experience will be released December 1. A Swiss online store is taking pre-orders now with that release date listed. U2 fans in the U.S. are getting cryptic letters from without a release date, but mentioning "Blackout" and showing an image of Bono's son, Eli, and Edge's daughter, Sian, that we expect to be the album cover or part of the album visuals. With all of that in mind, enjoy this audio from June 8 and thanks again to WYEP-FM.

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