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U2's New Chain of Release

Melbourne Herald Sun
U2's latest album has arrived in Melbourne handcuffed to a record executive.

A single copy of the album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, one of three in existence, is on a global tour for preview sessions.

Chris Dwyer, of the band's record company Island, arrived yesterday with the disc in a briefcase handcuffed to her arm.

With the album expected to sell three million copies in its first week, the single disc has a potential value of $60 million.

Strictly monitored playback or listening sessions for music media, radio and retailers are the industry's latest move to fight piracy.

The trend to protect superstar artists saw Justin Timberlake and Nelly albums flown in from the U.S. under tight security.

Rapper Eminem's new record will get the same treatment.

"Unfortunately, these days, the threat of physical piracy and online piracy is too great," Ms. Dwyer said. "The music business really needs to protect the property of its artists.

"This means we have to keep our releases to ourselves right up to the point it is available in shops."

U2's new album will be released on November 22.

Frontman Bono says it has the spark and vitality of a first record.

Ms. Dwyer said it was a return to U2's essential sound.

"They don't take anything for granted. They are still fresh. They are still hungry," she said.

Ms. Dwyer also confirmed tour plans.

"U2 is looking forward to touring this record and they will be here in 2005," she said.

U2 is one of the big gun releases planned for the run-up to Christmas. Others include new albums by Eminem, Delta Goodrem and Anthony Callea.