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"Play as few notes as you can, but find those notes that do the most work … If I could play one note for a whole song, I would.” — Edge

U2 Radio Returns To SiriusXM

24-hour U2 content, including shows hosted by the band

U2 Sirius X-Radio

Image credit to SiriusFM 

As announced at their Joshua Tree 2019 show in Tokyo last year, U2 are getting their own SiriusXM station. (Why it was announced with such fanfare in a country that won’t have access to it is a mystery for the ages.) The station is set to release on July 1, 2020 at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT and will be available through the SiriusXM car streaming service, through the mobile apps for iOS and Android, through smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Sonos and through streaming devices such as Playstation and Apple TV. At launch it will only be available in the United States and Canada on Sirius channel 32. A subscription will start at $5 a month in the United States and $10.99 a month in Canada

U2 previously had their own temporary station on SiriusXM in 2018, but it existed for just three months. Almost all the releases in the U2 catalog were included, along with interview clips from the band members giving their thoughts on a host of U2-related topics, including the members’ relationships with each other, their thoughts on songs U2 had released and how the band felt about the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Although the channel was marketed as a limited-time experience, it was successful enough to be extended for an extra month.

The new, permanent channel, “U2 X-Radio,” will feature several U2-centered shows in addition to the music played. The Edge will host a show called “Close To The Edge” in which he interviews other musicians, including David Byrne and Noel Gallagher. “Bono Calling” is more of a general talk show hosted by Bono, with the first guest being comedian Chris Rock. Longtime U2 collaborator Paul Oakenfold will host a U2 remix show called “Discothèque.” “Elevation,” hosted by Irish broadcaster John Kelly, will celebrate good news from the past week. U2 fans will get to guest host the show “Desire” to talk about their love of the band and play their favorite tracks. “(Guest) Plays U2” will feature celebrity guest hosts playing their favorite U2 songs, including Matthew McConaughey. Irish radio presenter Dan Hegarty will play a mix of U2 and other Irish bands. “Fan Letters” will feature Bono reading messages to his favorite artists. Cover songs, both U2 covering other artists and other artists covering U2, will be the focus of “Even Better Than The Real Thing.” Finally, “On The Road” hosts The Edge and Adam Clayton will interview their past supporting artists.

U2 will be the latest in a string of artist-specific channels on SiriusXM. Other dedicated channels include artists such as the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Pearl Jam, Kenny Chesney, Dave Mathews and Bruce Springsteen. AtU2 has been asking for SiriusXM to create a dedicated channel for U2 since 2015, and it’s nice to see it finally happening. U2 have had previous interactions with Sirius beyond their temporary station, including an investor town hall, an exclusive interview with Bono and a broadcast of U2’s performance at the Apollo Theater in Harlem in 2018. After the wait, it's great to see the full-fledged release of their permanent station. 


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