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"I've always believed that the spirit is a feminine thing." — Bono

U2, No Doubt Struck Up Fast Friendship

With No Doubt's new album Rock Steady due out December 18, the band is getting its road wheels back with a 10-date opening spot on the latest North American leg of U2's Elevation tour.

Singer Gwen Stefani tells LAUNCH that the two bands met earlier this year when No Doubt was doing some writing and recording in England. "We were in London, and I guess U2 was in London at the same time. We were both in the studio, and we kinda have some mutual friends 'cause Nellee Hooper worked with them and Spike Stent, who was mixing, also worked, and we ended up going out drinking one night, and those guys were just great guys," she says.

Stefani adds that No Doubt was particularly enamored of U2 frontman Bono. "He has a real quality about him, like a special person. Like when you talk to him, he just makes you feel, like, awake, and like you have to listen to him," she says. "He has a way of casting this spell over you. I was like, 'Wow.' I love meeting people like that, 'cause I'm just fascinated by them."

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