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"I might be a hero on stage, but off-stage I'm an anti-hero." — Bono

U2 look after their own in times of woe

Daily Mail
U2 have proven that their charitable acts are not always confined to projects further afield they can be just as generous close to home.

The band is in the process of selling a home in Dalkey that Bono, Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton and the Edge bought with their manager Paul McGuinness and a sixth co-owner in 1993 for an employee.

Brigid Mooney, had been left homeless after her split with her husband when the band stepped in.

Brigid lived in the small cottage on Tubbermore Road, until she died in October at 82 years of age.

Originally from Dundrum, Brigid had brought up her seven children while working as a housewife until she reached her 50s, when she returned to work as a book-keeper. She landed a job at Windmill Lane Studios when U2 were still stars in the making.

A source close to the late Mrs. Mooney told the Sunday Times: Brigid never said anything at all about it, but Paul McGuinness and the band knew what was going on.

One day, they came up to her and said they would take care of everything.

They asked her to go out and pick out a home and told her they would buy it for her, and in Dalkey as well.

They told her that she could live there for as long as she liked.

As far as I know, they didnt want any rent at all, but Brigid was proud and insisted on paying them something.

She was very proud of them all and what they had achieved and she always made a point of keeping it all to herself, who she worked for and what they did.

Even after she retired, nobody knew only her very close friends and family.

When contacted, a spokesman for U2 was unavailable for comment, but U2 are said to have appreciated the work that Mrs. Mooney had done for them so much that they listed her among the credits for their bestselling albums The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby, as well as for the film Rattle and Hum.

However, they can now expect a handsome return from the property market. After purchasing the house for IRPounds 35,000, they can expect in the region of EUR 775,000 for the sale of the house today about 17 times the original price.

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