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Talking About U2 Album Sales on Twitter

U2 fans answer why No Line On The Horizon has yet to sell a million copies
A post on the LA Times' "Pop & Hiss" music blog Wednesday included an update on sales numbers for No Line On The Horizon. The numbers aren't very good:
"...in less than a month Emimen has now topped the sales of U2's "No Line on the Horizon" (Interscope), which is at No. 69 with 918,000 sold."

That number really caught me off-guard. I knew NLOTH hasn't sold as well as U2's last two albums, but I thought for sure it had passed a million copies in the U.S. by now. But no. I was curious to know what other fans thought about the low sales, so I used @U2's Twitter account to start a conversation with this "tweet":


The replies from our followers came in quickly, and offered a variety of opinions on the album and its (lack of) sales success to date. Here are some of those replies from our fellow U2 fans on Twitter:

From @johnwithum:


From @agentkevinski:


From @mistylovesu2:


From @BrianCook_WHY:


From @oktobergirl:


From @prossel:


From @BurningxStar:


That group pretty much sums up the replies on Twitter. But what do YOU think? Is it because the album hit the Internet a couple weeks before the official release date? Is it because U2 released "Get On Your Boots" as the first single? Is it just a sign of the times -- that people don't buy albums as much as they used to? The poor economy? Something else?

If you'd like to share your thoughts, we've started a thread in the @U2 Forum about this: Why Hasn't NLOTH Sold a Million Copies Yet?

Feel free to hop over there and let us know what you think. Or, if you'd rather continue the conversation on Twitter, you can follow @U2 here and then reply to this tweet with our original conversation starter.

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