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"Edge's creative pulse is so zen you can hardly hear it. He makes less noise than me and there's less damage to the people and buildings around him." — Bono

LISTEN: @U2 Podcast Episode # 107: 'Sirius - Being Born'

Collin, Sherry, Ian and Mason discuss the Sirius station and "FEZ - Being Born"

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The big news this week, of course, is the launch of U2’s Sirius XM station. Collin, Sherry, Ian and Mason discuss whether it’s worth the price of subscription, what it’s like to have U2 on speeddial and whether or not the band will go beyond the surface of things in their catalog for content. This brings up the next discussion, a deep dive into one of U2’s deepest album cuts, FEZ - Being Born.

Episode # 107: Sirius - Being Born

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