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It's very clear in our music that we don't have any answers, but that the questions are at least worth asking. 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.' How much more clear can you make it? -- Bono

Edge talks about 'food as medicine' at Milken Institute conference


Edge & William Li

It's been a fairly busy week of U2 band member activity at non-U2 events. Bono showed up Wednesday night at an event in Dublin where French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy was speaking, while Edge showed up Thursday at an investors event in San Francisco.

Earlier in the week, Edge was in Beverly Hills where he spoke on a panel titled "Food as Medicine" at the Milken Global Conference. Also on the panel was Dr. William Li, the co-founder of the Angiogenesis Foundation (of which Edge is a board member) and author of the recent book, Eat To Beat Disease, that U2 promoted via its Twitter account not long ago. Dr. Li is a proponent of using diet to prevent disease, particularly cancer, which has impacted Edge's family via his daughter's illness more than a decade ago.

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In addition to the panel, Edge and Dr. Li spoke briefly with CNBC about the topic (and some music-related topics) and that video is below.

The Edge - Lead U2 Guitarist on the role food can play in fighting disease as well as his take on the state of the music industry from CNBC.

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