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If Jimi Hendrix came along now, he wouldn't get a deal. The companies would file him under Black and Confused and Out of Tune. -- Bono

Column: off the record..., vol. 9-346


OTR off the record 1200

Anyone else catch the Grammys last week? It was an interesting show. Aside from U2's debut live performance of "Get On Your Boots," Paul McCartney joined forces with Dave Grohl to rock an old Beatles tune, Al Green sang a memorable duet with Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry emerged from a large piece of fruit on the stage. I would make fun of that last one, but she's not exactly the only musician to emerge from something fruity at a show ...

The former fashion writer in me can't help but notice that there are a lot of great deals on U2-related clothing currently available:

Those of you who keep up with Bono and Ali's eco-conscious Edun label may want to head over to their Edun Online site soon. They're offering 30% off their recent Fall/Winter collection during the "Wintervention" sale, which lasts through Feb.

There are also still shirts available from Bono's Signature Series 25 Design, sold exclusively by the Hard Rock Cafe.

Finally, the i/denti/tee store continues to offer 10 free iTunes downloads with the purchase of one of their music-themed shirts. To see the "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" variety, click here.

I am such a champion for social media (mainly Facebook and Twitter), many of my peers have said that I should pursue a career that solely caters to that addiction. The problem is, I wouldn't be interested in promoting social media for just any old company—it would have to be something that I truly believed in; a place where I would be happy taking any job they had to offer. And then it hit me: the perfect position for me would be Official Tour Twitterer for U2.

Picture it: I join the U2 camp (become known on the Web as "OTT") in the days leading up to their tour, and send out tweets on their behalf. For example:

Fans are wondering how things are going to look, sound and feel. I consult with the Principle folks and provide teasers such as these:

Willie working on lights; we're seeing red for "Streets"!!!

Bono being fitted for custom boots. So high up they look like stilts.

The tour has begun and fans want to know what's going on backstage before a show:

Ali just kissed Bono to wish him luck. Ain't love the Tweetest Thing?

Edge's kids running amok in Crafts Service. There went the boot ice sculpture.

In between shows, the band wants to engage fans and make it a two-way conversation, so I host a virtual Tweet-n-Greet:,

FAN: Adam, what kind of tea is your favorite?

OTT: A sez "iced"

FAN: Bono, what is your favorite love song?

OTT: B sez, "Two Hearts Tweet As One"

FAN: Edge, what's under your cap?

OTT: E sez http://tinyurl.com/b9gr76"

FAN: Larry, fancy a kiss?

OTT: L sez "This Tweet-n-Greet" is #$%&-ing over.

During a concert:

Bono's guyliner smudging from lap around stage.

Call Fire Marshall! Edge = on fire.

Principle Management, if you're listening: I'm applying for the job.

© @U2/Kokkoris, 2009.