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"Our job, if anything, is to connect in a way, to express something that's personal to us that other people can relate to." — Edge

Column: off the record..., vol. 4-129


So Bono's going to show up at both conventions.... More proof he's an EOP. (Equal Opportunity Pest.)

It cracks me up to see and hear U2 fans on message boards and mailing lists talking about the missing CD as nothing more than a publicity stunt. I mean ...c'mon! I don't know anything about French law, but I would assume there are some pretty serious repercussions for either A) falsifying a police report, B) staging a crime, or C) both of the above. And then there's the crow on U2's face if it ever came out that this was a fabrication -- it would look to many, I think, like a silly act from a band that doesn't need any help getting publicity. U2 aren't a bunch of washed-ups who need to stage things like this to get attention.

Do you remember that song, "Take Me to the Clouds," from earlier this year -- the one that combined Whitney Houston and U2 into one song?? If you didn't like that one, you may not like this one: Party Ben, who appears to be a DJ/remixer, has combined "Sunday Bloody Sunday" with Janet Jackson's "Control." You can download an Mp3 from PartyBen.com -- scroll down to the May 12th entry. (Thanks Dan.)

If you like U2 trivia, check out Richie's Flash-based U2 trivia quiz. It's a 40-question quiz that gives you an "Elevation" WOO-HOO when you get a question right, or two blasts of the "Zooropa" siren when you're wrong.

We're planning to do another year of U2 Fan Fantasy Football online for the upcoming NFL season. I think this'll be the 3rd year we've organized this. For now the plan is to use Yahoo! Fantasy Sports strictly. It's free, which is always good when we're all saving cash for a tour next year.

If you're an NFL fan, and you're interested in doing a fantasy league with other U2 fans, email me at matt[at]atu2.com. And please, only get involved if you're sure you like fantasy football and are semi-serious about having fun. We had a couple people join last year who had never done it before, and they quit after the first week or two, which pretty much ruins things for the whole league.

I hate to be the bearer of sad news for all the female @U2 readers who have expressed...ummm...admiration for Answer Guy over the years, but he's no longer on the market. Yep, Answer Guy has found his Answer Girl. The wedding happened last weekend in California (and explains the absence of this column last Sunday), and as you'd expect from Answer Guy, it was far from your ordinary wedding ceremony.

There was, for starters, a soundtrack. Several of our U2 friends helped send the precise clips AG was looking for, but I don't think everything he requested made the final cut. He had, for example, that clip of Bono from the Aug. 28, 1993, show in Dublin singing the opening bars of "Here Comes the Bride" (while Naomi Campbell was on stage with Adam), but that never made it into the ceremony. The soundtrack did include one of the many "Beautiful Day" remixes, the chorus of which began playing immediately at the end of the ceremony as Mr. and Mrs. Guy walked away arm in arm. Disappointingly, AG and his best man did not enter with the "Elevation" Influx mix playing. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Most weddings include a couple readings from family members or close friends, and AG's was no exception. But it was also the first wedding I've ever attended at which the groom himself did a reading. Yes, AG spoke during his own ceremony. Attention hog. (See the photo below.) Pop culture geek that he is, AG's reading was a series of romantic lines from favorite songs and movies, including "All I Want Is You." Other lines were pulled from When Harry Met Sally, Guys and Dolls, a Smiths song, and 1-2 others.

Mrs. Guy -- great gal. I'd never met her until last weekend. I hope she's ready for next year, and the inevitable traveling geeksquad she'll be meeting at various U2 shows on the West coast, and who-knows-where-else. And I hope she's cool with Mr. Guy getting back to that weekly column commitment he made a long time ago to this web site and all our readers.

And finally... Hulk's Diary.

See ya next time!

@U2/McGee, 2004.