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I don't know who I can talk to. I've got people who want to kill me . . . people who want to hate you or love you or take a bit of you. -- Bono

Bono Wants to Be a Country Singer

McEntee Column
The Express
He fills stadiums worldwide, engineers meetings with the Pope and attempts to alleviate worldwide debt, but U2 singer Bono, 41, is not completely satisfied.

"You know there are moments when I've yearned to be a country and western singer," moans the Irish multi-millionaire. "I'll go back to the hotel and there'll be someone singing, 'Oh, Ruby don't take your love to town,' and I'll be genuinely envious. Standing there in your cowboy hat and your soft shoes singing under your breath. I'd love to be a crooner. I say to R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe, 'You're a crooner,' and he gets upset but it's the highest compliment I can think of paying anyone. I think 'what am I doing slapping myself on the flypaper every night?' There's a cost to this opera."

And, referring to his late dad, he adds: "My old man always used to say to me: 'You're a baritone who thinks he's a tenor.' Now that may be a true metaphor in the greater scheme of things but what's more worrying is that -- specifically in terms of singing -- he's right."

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