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"If a U2 show is going askew, as it can, the one song you can rely on to get that room back is 'Where The Streets Have No Name.'" — Bono

Bono Commissions Street Artists For New Paint (RED) Mural Campaign

Bono peace sign


Bono has asked 17 street artists on behalf of Paint (RED) to help raise awareness in the fight against AIDS. He’s commissioned them to paint murals around the world in in cities such as London, New York, Berlin, Paris and Lyon.

Some of the artists included in the projects are Add Fuel, Bisco Smith, BRUSK, DALeast, Faile, Faith XLVII, Hera, HOW & NOSM, Inside Out Project, Karabo Poppy Moletsane, Ludo, Olek, Ron English, Stephen Powers, Trevor & Cosmo, and WK Interact.

The Paint (RED) campaign is meant to raise awareness of the fight against AIDS ahead of the Global Fund Replenishment Conference that takes place on Oct. 9-10 in Lyon, France. This event, held every three years, focuses on reducing mortality rates from HIV, TB and malaria. There will also be a PAINT (RED) street art auction on Artsy to raise additional money for the Global Fund.

"Street artists have been raising the alarm in the fight against Aids since HIV appeared — from the streets of New York in the 1980s," Bono said in a statement issued by (RED). "There has been a lot of progress, more than many experts predicted, but not enough yet to put the sirens to rest. Women continue to bear the brunt of this disease and maddeningly, every week 6,000 of them are needlessly infected. I’d call that an emergency."

More information about the Paint (RED) artists and the campaign is here.

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