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"You know what a singer is? Someone with a hole in his heart as big as his ego." — Bono

Bono Boards Zipline To Bend The Universe Toward Justice

Bono at Zipline's Test Flight

Credit: Peter Prato for Zipline

Zipline, a drone delivery service operating a global emergency medicine logistics and delivery program, announced today Bono joined its board of directors on behalf of The Rise Fund

“Companies like Zipline are the reason we started Rise,” Bono said, according to Zipline’s media release. “They are tackling a very difficult problem with a solution that looks simple, but is stunningly sophisticated.”

Zipline's operations in Rwanda and Ghana will serve a population of up to 22 million people and are expected to help save tens of thousands of lives over the next several years. The Rise Fund invested in Zipline earlier this year.

Zipline Drone DeliveringCredit: Zipline

“The genius Rwandan and Ghanaian fulfillment, flight ops and engineering teams are saving lives every day, while constantly looking for ways they can innovate further to reach more people,” Bono said. “That's why I joined Zipline, because outside of music, Zipline brings together my most fervent passions: that commerce should serve people and not the other way around, that the brightest minds everywhere can go to work for the most vulnerable lives anywhere, and that we put our intellect to work in service of our ideals.”

Bono Retrieves Zipline Drone Package

 Credit: Peter Prato for Zipline

Bono Inspects a Zipline Drone

Credit: Peter Prato for Zipline

As reported by Fast Company’s Adele Peters, Bono recently attended a test flight of a Zipline drone near Half Moon Bay, California. While there, he spoke to Peters about the connection between Zipline's mission and his own mission of activism.

Bono invoked the words of Martin Luther King Jr. to signal his evolving understanding of—and shift away from—King’s maxim about the moral arc of the universe.

“This great line by this great leader that I have always held to be true—which is ‘the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice,’—I no longer believe that to be true,” Bono told Peters. “It does not bend towards justice, it has to be bent towards justice. It has to be pushed and pulled. If you’re a scientist, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re a singer in a band, everybody’s got to find their place in that.”

This was the second time this month Bono recalled King's words.

Last week, in a surprise appearance at the 2019 Mexico Siglo XXI event, Bono made the same comments to the audience that he has changed his mind about the universe’s moral arc bending on its own toward justice.

Bono Holding a Zipline Drone

Credit: Peter Prato for Zipline

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