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At Davos, Bono calls for renewed focus on fight against extreme poverty


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Bono returned to Davos Wednesday to bang the drum for the world's poorest at the 2019 World Economic Forum.

He called on global business and political leaders to not turn their backs on funding the fight against extreme poverty while they focus on problems in their own countries. Here's some of Bono's comments as quoted in The Guardian:

"We could lose this thing. We were winning. We have been somewhat put on the back foot by the understandable concern in northern economies that we have problems in our own cities. If there are people on the streets in our own cities, why should we care about what's going on over there?

"The answer is that what is going on 'over there' affects us. If Africa loses, Europe can't win. But we have got to get back into the conversation. We need a response to what is going on in our own cities."

The Irish Times also reports that Bono and TPG announced a new company called Y Analytics that will "measure the social and environmental effect created by investments." Below are a couple videos from the panel session including Bono.

(Top photo by World Economic Forum used via Creative Commons.)

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