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"I don't believe in wishful thinking. You know, 'Imagine,' that John Lennon song, it's my least favorite of his songs. And he's the man for me, but it's like I don't believe that imagining is enough." — Bono

Advance Hype And Feedback For Bono's Autobiography

Bono and Rusdhie
           Credit: Liseth Meijer for @U2                     Credit: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

Adding hype to the already highly anticipated autobiography by Bono, The Irish Sun reported today it believes the singer received €6.5 million to write his memoir. This sum is unconfirmed by U2, however, and The Irish Sun shared no sources for its speculation. 

What we can confirm is that the acclaimed author and long-time friend of U2 Salman Rushdie expects Bono's book to be very good.

The Irish Sun also shared Rushdie's comments, which can be heard coming at the end of his August 31 interview with RTE radio’s Brendan O’Connor about Rushdie's new book “Quichotte.”

“I heard he’s writing a book. So, we’ll have to see what that’s like,” Rushdie said. 

O’Connor asked Rushdie, “Do you reckon it’ll be any good?”

After a chuckle Rushdie replied, “Who knows? He’s very good at everything else. Why should he not be good at this?”

You can hear Rushdie's comments starting at 30:41.

The closest thing so far to an autobiography from any member of the band is the 2005 "Bono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas" by Michka Assayas.

In 2006, "U2 By U2" shared memoir-style narratives from each band member as told to Neil McCormick.

A publication date, the publisher and a title for Bono's autobiography still have not been announced. Reports speculate that literary agent Ed Victor secured the €6.5 million deal for Bono before Victor died in 2017.

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