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"People tell us during our shows we sell very little in the way of hot dogs."

-- Edge

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Adam Talks About I+E Tour and More in Rolling Stone Interview

@U2, May 29, 2018
By: Karen Lindell


In a new Rolling Stone interview, Adam Clayton shares his thoughts with Andy Greene on the Experience + Innocence Tour and more.

A few highlights:

• On the E+I Tour setlist: "There's still a couple of them we haven't really dug into, but we'd like to perform. 'The Showman' is something we rehearsed up early on. We just managed to get 'Red Flag Day' in, but we'd like to get 'Landlady' in too."

• On U2 finally playing "Acrobat" live: "We've never shied away from doing particular songs unless it doesn't particularly contextualize what we're trying to do. I guess it has an emotional resonance to it and it has a lyrical through-line that works as well."

• On extending the tour into 2019: "We haven't been to Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia. We really haven't spent that long in Europe, so perhaps we'll lengthen the tour, but in reality maybe we need to find a way of being in bigger places again. If there was a way of taking the essence of this period and being in stadiums, maybe that's worth thinking about."

• On the upcoming Apollo Theater show: "That's going to be real old school. We're trying to look at songs we can do in a stripped-down production and musical setting. ... Edge has got some radical ideas."

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