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"The others don't count me as a musician. In fact the only way to get Edge to play the guitar is when I start playing it." — Bono

Adam Hints at Zoo TV / PopMart Theme for Glastonbury


Adam is dropping hints that U2 is planning a 1990s / Zoo TV / PopMart theme for at least some of its upcoming performance at Glastonbury. In an interview in the new edition of Q magazine, Adam answers a number of short questions about U2's first Glastonbury performance, including this telling exchange:

Q: What can we expect from your show?

Adam: It's very un-Glastonbury to have a big production, but we will be sneaking a few things in through the back gate which will hopefully make the experience a little more like Glastonbury on steroids.

You'll have a job sneaking the U2 360 "Claw" in...

That might be tricky. But we're stretching the levels of what can be done. We hope to create a mind-blowing experience that reacts well with all the other substances involved.

How will you do that?

We want to go back to our '90s work that plays into a certain kind of psychedelia and do something that's tailored around that, from Zoo TV to PopMart. This is the 20th anniversary of Achtung Baby so there's a nice connection there and we thought we should mark that.

U2 will make its first Glastonbury appearance as a full band on June 24th. They were due to perform last year, but had to cancel after Bono's back injury.